During the last few months I have noted that a lot of our members have changed or up-graded their equipment. During that same period we have had new people join the club who have, in most cases, enthusiastically purchased bows, arrows and all the other bits and pieces that they think are necessary. Nothing wrong in that, or is there? Well, none of it is cheap and, as there is a considerable quantity of gear not being used, it makes sense for everyone who has something no longer required to offer it to our new people, at favourable prices of course!

At our recent Annual General Meeting we decided to appoint a “Go To” person who would hold lists of redundant equipment that was up for re-sale and also take enquiries from people wanting things. The advantage to the buyers is that they can try something out before committing themselves. A good example would be testing a bow to check that the draw weight is acceptable. Remember, just because it is second hand it does not mean it is second quality.

Coincident to this decision I have been tasked, by his family, to dispose of all the equipment that was owned by a very popular club member who recently died. I knew him since I was thirteen but even I am surprised at the amount he had amassed. There is club clothing, already sold, bows, arrows, a fletching jig, bow stands, finger tabs, stabilizers, archery bags, quivers etc, etc.

In addition, an associate member from the Arundown Archery Club has supplied lots of, shall we say, pre-loved equipment to club members too, including myself! His lists will be available too. Our “Go To” person is Colin Ferry. Landline 01403 262457 or Mobile 07716 483095.

As a caveat before buying anything expensive it is wise to seek advice from our Coach.

Brian Clarke