I am very pleased to report that seven Shipley Bowmen competed in this event. I believe this is the most we have fielded and it reflects how some members are progressing from, just shooting as a pass time, to keeping records of their scores and improving their skills.

The results of the competition are available on the Arundown web site so I will not repeat them here but I think Marisa C. should be mentioned for coming 3rd. in the Ladies Recurve section.

I was shooting compound and the man I was paired with, also shooting compound, was hitting the maximum almost every time. I think he dropped three points and he still did not win! Some other competitor scored the maximum of three hundred! This did nothing for my confidence and I did not do very well but I am offering an excuse, to myself only, that I had trouble with my peep sight which would not align correctly. Lesson to be learnt, make sure your equipment is in full working order before the event.

On reading Arundown’s results it was interesting to see that there were eight juniors, ranging from seventeen down to eleven years old. They all did a lot better than some of the adults. I recommend that our juniors give this some thought and start to keep records of their shooting so that they can take on the challenge at future events and represent our club too.

To conclude, it was a pleasure to compete again and we were treated to the usual friendliness that we have experienced in the past. I hope this will inspire more of our members to represent Shipley Bowmen at forthcoming shoots, so get to recording your scores and working on improving your archery skill.

Brian Clarke